Marriage Celebrant – An Important Part of Every Wedding

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A marriage celebrant is someone who officiates at a wedding reception. The celebration of marriage marks a beginning in the life of two people who become joined in matrimony by declaring their vows to one and the other. This event is celebrated with the help of a number of people such as the Marriage Celebrant, the Wedding MC, a photographer, the DJ, the Matron of Honor, Best Man and other relatives and friends. It is not compulsory to have a marriage celebrant when you get married as the church provides one for you.

While there are no specific written rules about the marriage celebrant, the best option would be to hire a professional wedding planner, so that all these arrangements can be done by him or her. Some of the factors that need to be considered while hiring a wedding planner include the following. For instance, your wedding day is going to be a very important day of your life and therefore you should make sure that everything is taken care of. It is always better to take some professional advice from the wedding planning service agency as they will know everything about wedding planning. They can plan and organize the entire wedding ceremony and also arrange for the wedding reception.

When you go to the church or the temple for your wedding ceremony, you would have to take your vows on a chair in the front. The marriage celebrant or the priest would read the words of your wedding vows to you need to repeat them slowly while raising your hands at the same time. After the priest finishes, you can ask for a question or suggestion from anyone and then you can end your wedding vows. Then your friends and family members can help you to sign the marriage certificate and the marriage celebrant would certify the document for you.

You may not find a civil marriage celebrant in all states so you need to check with the relevant authority to find one. In most religious weddings, the priest performs the marriage ceremony and he is known as the celebrant. Other than this, the marriages are celebrated by the people in a non-traditional way and it is the wedding celebrant who makes use of all the latest methods and techniques in conducting the marriage.

A religious wedding can also be conducted by the bride and groom themselves. But then the role of the celebrant is also important. Most of the people perform the wedding ceremonies with the blessings of their families and friends. This makes the celebrant’s job very important. The celebrants are generally well-trained and they have certain rituals and ways to conduct the extra-legal ceremonies to complete the marriage.

Extra-legal weddings take place when the couple wants to perform the wedding in a private or spiritual way. In such cases, the traditional civil marriage celebrant is not of much importance. They can perform the marriage ceremonies and civil weddings in their own way and set up their own altar. But civil marriage celebrants are also important for the marriages that take place in line with other religions.

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