Disney Plus: Whats to Know

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Disney has announced their newest streaming service, Disney Plus. The internet has been buzzing with people’s reactions to the news of this new service, so I want to share my thoughts on what it is and what you should know about it.

Disney Plus will be a direct competitor to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and HBO Now because they all provide streaming services for TV shows and movies. However, it was unclear whether or not Disney would release an OTT (over-the-top) service like these other companies until now.

Another big question from people is, “Will I have to pay more for disney plus gratis?” The answer is no. In fact, it will be cheaper than the other services because you can get a bundle that includes Hulu and ESPN+.

You may already know many of the shows being added to this service as they are all coming off their current contracts at Netflix. Now those same shows will be on both platforms, which raises concerns about what happens if you cancel one or another service. Will these titles disappear again too soon?

At least with Disney Plus, there isn’t any worry about missing out on new content since movie releases won’t happen until after they’re finished in theatres! My biggest concern is how much control Disney has over the movies and shows on this service.

I’m not saying they are going to be bad, but the way that Disney edits content is very different than Netflix or Hulu and their censorship can get really out of hand (I mean, who remembers when Elsa didn’t have a girlfriend in Frozen!)? With all this being said, it will take some time for me to decide if I want to subscribe or cancel my current services.

Here are some things to know about this exciting product!

-Consumers can choose how much they want to pay for Disney +, including $12/month or $120/year. It’s the same price as Amazon Prime and Netflix. This way, you won’t have to worry about paying more if your family loves it!

-You’ll get access to all of Disney’s movies, too – not just their animated ones like on Netflix or Hulu. You can watch all kinds of old classics along with newer titles available exclusively on Disney+. For example, Aladdin, The Lion King, Toy Story, Frozen and many more!

-Unlimited downloads means no more waiting for your favourite Disney movie or show to be available so you can watch it. So if you have a long road trip ahead of you, don’t worry about running out of space on your phone! Instead, just download the file and enjoy it later – without worrying about internet access at all times.

-The best part is that the first month is free, so there’s no risk in checking it out for yourself! After the first month, prices change depending on how much you decide to pay each month or yearly. It’ll definitely be worth it if your family loves Disney as much as mine does!


Disney Plus has many amazing features to offer and is definitely worth the price. The only downsides are some expensive pricing and not having full ownership over your favourite films or TV series, which can be upsetting because you know there’s no way that Disney will ever let go!

However, if you’re looking for quality entertainment, then this service is going to blow your mind!! Not to mention all those exclusive bonus options such as original programming by famous characters like Mickey Mouse just makes it even better!

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