Metal Framing: The Ultimate Guide to types of metals used

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Metal framing is a great way to build homes with an industrial feel. It’s also used in commercial buildings, as well as for decks and porches. Metal framing has become popular because of its durability, affordability, and versatility! This post will discuss the types of metals typically used to create metal frames, and more.


The types of metals used


  1. Aluminum


Aluminium is a lightweight, strong metal that’s highly resistant to corrosion. And while it’s not as strong as steel, Aluminum can be recycled and reused very easily. It also doesn’t require much maintenance like other metals do (like stainless steel).


  1. Stainless Steel


Stainless steel is another popular metal for framing. It’s very strong and durable, but it can be more expensive than other metals like Aluminum or carbon steel. The erectastep canada company is using steel framing for their metal stairs.


  1. Carbon Steel


Carbon steel is a metal that’s used in many different types of structures. It offers good strength and durability, but it also has some drawbacks like low resistance to corrosion (which can make it more expensive).


  1. Galvanized Steel


Galvanized steel is the most popular metal for building homes in North America. This is because it’s resistant to corrosion (making it inexpensive) and has a long lifespan. But, unlike stainless steel, galvanized steel isn’t recyclable or reusable after its use.


  1. Steel


Steel is a metal that’s often used in heavy construction. It has good strength and can be recycled, but it requires more maintenance than other metals like Aluminum or carbon steel.


  1. Iron


Iron is another metal that’s used in many different types of structures. It’s not as strong or durable as other metals like Aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel (and it can be more expensive). However, iron has other benefits like low resistance to corrosion and good recyclability.


  1. Lead


Lead is another popular metal for building homes in North America. Just as with galvanized steel, lead has some great benefits like resistance to corrosion and long lifespan but it also requires lots of maintenance! However, unlike stainless steel, lead can be recycled very easily after use. Many people prefer using zinc instead because it doesn’t require as much maintenance as lead does.


What are metal framing products used for?


Metal framing products are used for various projects, ranging from large commercial buildings to smaller residential construction. Metal framing products are also referred to as metal studs or steel framing materials and come in a wide range of different sizes for different applications.


What are metal studs used for?


Metal studs can be found in many different structures, including homes, offices, factories and warehouses. Metal framing products are widely popular because they tend to be more durable than other materials such as wood or plastic. In addition, they do not absorb moisture which means that they will not expand or contract with temperature changes.


You need to consider this if you live somewhere where there are significant fluctuations throughout the year, particularly during winter when it’s cold outside! However, wooden framing products have higher fire resistance, so this could come into play depending on your needs.


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