Unknown activities possible with Google chrome on your device

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If you do not know the term Google, you can consider yourself being stuck in the 1950s. The term is actually ruling the world now with tons of products that have become inevitable to run businesses and even lead an ordinary life. Although you can be without using any of Google’s products, you could not do so without coming across its browser called chrome. Chrome is the leader of the browsing market with millions of users and downloads. Google chrome download is a simple process with minimal steps that almost anyone with the internet can do. Once you download it, you can start searching the world and know about literally anything out there within seconds. The best thing is that chrome is available for free. Most people know that chrome allows one to search for things and get them along with certain other features. However, the majority of Google chrome‚Äôs possibilities are still unknown. In this article, let us discuss a few possibilities with chrome in brief.

Guest mode

You may know that Google chrome offers you to sign in to your Google account and sync all your online activities with it for future usage. For instance, bookmarks and login passwords can be stored for the account and you can use them later with chrome. However, it is a drawback when you give your device with chrome to someone else as they may use your stored records. To avoid this, chrome offers an option of guest mode. If you turn the chrome account into guest mode, all the stored information will be temporarily out of reach for the new user. You can log in to your original user account later.

Play files

Almost everybody would watch some videos and hear some audio using his or her devices. There should be an inbuilt media player on the device to play such files. If you do not have such apps or players, you can still watch and hear those files using Google chrome. All you should do is drag and drop the file on your chrome’s new page. The file will start playing and you can enjoy it. However, you should make sure that the file format of the video or audio is universally known. However, you may face some issues or lack of features while playing files in this way. Still, it will be helpful with chrome.


Another option available in chrome is the screencast facility which will help you cast the desktop’s screen to a casting device. For instance, if you wish to show the content of the desktop to a larger audience with a big screen, you can use this option. Usually, a screencast will be helpful to stream videos.

Grouping tabs

You will know that chrome will let you work on different tabs at once. You can also group these tabs into groups with related tabs falling under each group. It will help you wander between tabs easily without any confusion during multitasking works. The latest version of chrome has this feature.


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