The Top Strategies to Add Home Services Marketing to Your Online Presence

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Today we have a wide range of home services marketing ideas that can really help you get ahead in this industry. It used to be much harder to target local customers simply because they were scattered across the country. However, with the power of the Internet and its booming search capabilities there are many more niches than ever before that can be targeted. For example, many health related home services businesses are popping up and those who have a solid reputation can really flourish in this sector. We’ll discuss some home services marketing ideas below.

Local Search One way to target local consumers is by utilizing Google’s voice search function. You can simply use Google as your own customer service tool by typing in keywords related to your area in the search box. Be sure that your site is properly SEO optimized for your particular service categories and always utilize your service keywords as potential keywords to capture any potential customer searches.

You can also make use of the voice search suggestions provided by Google to see where your most successful keywords are. These suggestions are typically the top 10% of your keywords but if your keywords aren’t showing up often in this list you should still continue to work on your optimization.

Website Design And Interactive Features Many home services marketing ideas focus primarily on the ease of use of a website. Unfortunately, without great content and an easy-to-navigate interface many customers will simply click away from a website.

To make sure you capture the attention of your prospects you should also make sure you have great website design and interactive features that will keep your potential customers coming back again. There are many different kinds of website design and interactive features available today so you’ll want to make sure you’re familiar with all of them and incorporate them into your design (or have a professional do this for you).

Inbound Links: It’s important that you build links within your website. This will help you get in the search engines and will help you achieve higher rankings within the organic results. Today there are many different ways you can build inbound links. Some of the most common methods include writing guest posts for other well-known blog sites, articles submission to article directories, social bookmarking, and linking back to your own website or blog.

It’s also important that you link back to your own blog so that you may attract more potential customers from here as well. Just be sure to keep these links natural and only try things that don’t break any of the established rules of the search engines.

Social Media Marketing: Along with inbound links, social media marketing is another important part of your home services marketing strategy. As mentioned before, it’s best to incorporate these types of strategies in all aspects of your business so you can capture the attention of your potential customers.

Today there are tons of different social media platforms out there. If you aren’t utilizing these opportunities you may want to consider changing your approach to marketing. The most popular social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and Google+.

Search Engine Optimization: If you are looking to promote your home services business online, then SEO is an extremely important strategy to implement. Today there are hundreds upon hundreds of different websites that are ranking well in the search engines.

By getting your site ranked high in the search engines you will have a higher chance of attracting potential customers and clients. Just remember to always be optimizing your site for your targeted audience. Inbound links, social media marketing, and SEO strategies should all form a large part of your overall home business optimization plan.

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