Requirements of a Perfect 1911 Holster

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An IWB holster is among the most flexible and easily concealed holsters offered if you want to wear your 1911 secretly. The firearm and holster are usually obscured by your clothes by inserting the holster between both the waistline of your jeans and your torso.

Apart from IWB holsters, you carry an OWB holster on the outside of your belt, with hooks or links connecting it to your belt. While OWB holsters are ideal for both hidden as well as open carry, hidden carry requires the employment of a proper concealing garment.

This might be challenging and painful in hotter climes or even during the summertime. As a consequence, you’ll need to figure out what you need to carry. IWB and OWB holsters must meet a lot of the same requirements.

Adjustable Retention

Retention is critical for carrying your pistol safely and securely. The 1911 holster your choice should be able to reliably carry the gun, keeping it from shifting until you’re prepared to pull it out.

You must be capable of changing the retention with detached 1911 holsters which depend on contact areas between both the pistol and inside of the holster to hold it in place.

Adjustable retention lets you figure out just how much effort you’ll need to get the handgun out of the holster and finish the pull. The retention is normally adjusted by loosening or tightening 1 or even more bolts.


If you want to keep your 1911 hidden, you’ll need a 1911 holster that is intended to reduce or eliminate imprinting. When a weapon or 1911 holster generates a noticeable silhouette through clothes, it reveals that you are carrying a weapon.

Considering the size of the weapon, tailoring your garment to hide the holster and gun is often the simplest method to achieve this. While intelligent wardrobe fitting and selections, as well as adjusting your actions, might help to reduce imprinting, the holster style would also play a part.

Gun Belt

For retaining and concealing, don’t overlook the value of a robust pistol belt. A pistol belt is a specific piece of gear that provides your gun with a solid and secure foundation. It shouldn’t let your gun slump or move when you’re carrying it. If you wear a waist belt, for instance, your firearm may cant outwards from your body.

Shield Sweat

It also has a sweat shield or covers when the back section of the 1911 holster raises forward, creating a barrier from your skin and the slides. Sweat won’t tarnish the gun’s surface, allowing the slides to rust, thanks to this protectant.

Several 1911-pattern firearms have parkerized or chromed finishes, which make them more rust resistant than other pistols; this can be a very valuable characteristic.

Trigger guard with full enclosure

The trigger guard must be entirely enclosed and protected in every 1911 holster. This is necessary for keeping your weapon properly. After you’ve pulled your weapon from the holster, your forefinger must not be able to penetrate the trigger guard. An integrated trigger guard also avoids foreign material from tampering with the trigger, such as garments or a tree limb.

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