Why I Had My Motherboard Repaired At reparation carte mere

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Buying a new computer every time your motherboard breaks is expensive and not environmentally friendly. You can save money and the environment by considering an alternative solution: get your motherboard repaired at reparation carte mere Montpellier!


There are many benefits to motherboard repair, such as being cheaper than buying a new one, putting less strain on our earth’s resources, and giving you peace of mind that you have a working computer in good condition.


Here’s how to find a reliable service for your motherboard repair in Montpellier.



How to Find the Best Service for your motherboard repair 


Did you know that the motherboard is the most used electronic component? Motherboards are not only responsible for helping your PC keep running, they also play an important role in how you control it.


There are different ways to go about finding the right repair service for your motherboard repair. Some information sources will help you to navigate the information available:


Watch out, you will find yourself in dangerous situations, such as not being aware of the name of the manufacturer, the warranty of the system, or if the service they offer includes aftersales support. Instead, we recommend you follow these guidelines.


When choosing a repair service, ask if they offer a standard warranty or a long-term warranty. Many repair services include a standard warranty, which will protect you from factory defects and help you get a cheap price. A long-term warranty is only for aftersales support. It usually refers to troubleshooting and makes the service more expensive.



Why I Had My Motherboard Repaired


While my motherboard had issues in September 2015, I purchased a new Asus Zenbook laptop with a Broadwell Intel Core i5-6200U CPU and 16GB of RAM in August 2015. The Asus Zenbook UX305FA was perfect for me, but after using it for almost a year, I still had problems with my motherboard, a Lenovo Thinkpad Y500.


Since my motherboard’s memory slots were blocked and could only access two memory slots, a “flash drive adapter” was needed to access the third RAM slot, causing data corruption. I called my service provider to fix the problem. I realized that the Broadwell CPU wasn’t the best processor choice for my Thinkpad, since it is low power and hot, which causes problems with heating and signal reception.



What Causes a Broken Motherboard?


Motherboards can break due to a variety of reasons, some of them relatively easy to fix, and others more complicated. You should research the specific cause of your motherboard’s failure if possible to avoid having to call for a repair. The most common causes of motherboard failures are:


  • Battery type (size, type, capacity, and compatibility)
  • Microcontroller problems
  • The central processing unit (CPU) overheating
  • Video card incompatibility
  • Motherboard chips/regulators working improperly
  • Accessories causing damage (pinholes, external connectors, etc.





If you’re in Montpellier and your motherboard breaks, you don’t have to buy a new computer. You can save money and the environment, instead have it repaired at reparation carte mere Montpellier.

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