Wear Your Period Underwear Australia During Your Massage For Menstrual Pain

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How do you overcome the stress of having your menstruation? Sometimes Aunt Flo is an obstacle to our happiness. There are times that we have scheduled events but Aunt Flo suddenly arrives and we are locked at home due to menstrual  cramps.


Menstrual cramps lead us to unstable emotions like irritation and sometimes trigger our period lockdown habit. Everyone of us has its own way of facing our menstrual problems such as premenstrual syndrome (PMS), heavy menstrual bleeding (menorrhagia), dysmenorrhea, and amenorrhoea. These four common menstrual problems are faced by almost 90% of women in the world.


There are various steps to overcome these problems even at the comfort of your home. Let’s be familiar with these remedies so we can tend to these problems immediately. We can either choose one or more of them to try at home in time of need.


Using Herbal Treatment


There are herbs that can help relieve the pain due to menstrual cramps.

  • Chamomile Tea – the glycine found in chamomile acts as a nerve relaxant and relieves muscle spasms. Two cups a day of chamomile tea a week before your period will surely benefit you.
  • Ginger – grating a small piece of ginger into hot water will help with pain relief. Study proves that ginger is as effective as ibuprofen.


Heat Massage


Applying a heat pad or hot water in a bottle to your abdomen is proven effective first aid for many dysmenorrhea sufferers. Heating patch or pad serves as a heat therapy and helps relieve pain due to menstrual pain. This can be done at home and is less expensive.


Massage Or Therapy


Some prefer a massage as a pain reliever. Using essential oils like lavender, rose, fennel, and peppermint are good ones. Others prefer to loosen their clothing so they can feel relaxed but if you have a blood seeping it is uneasy to do it. But the worry is gone for period underwear Australia will relieve your uneasiness.


If you are uneasy of doing a massage while you have your tampon or pads try to use period underwear Australia and experience the comfort. This period underwear consists of four layer innovative sustainable fabric which is moisture-wicking, absorbent, anti-microbial and leak resistant.


Having A Proper Diet


Food is one factor that imbalances hormones. There are foods that we must avoid when we are having our period. Foods such as fatty foods, alcohol, caffeine rich and carbonated beverages are best to avoid. Reducing these foods may help alleviate cramps. Better to consume herbal teas.


Over-the-Counter Medications


If you’ve done the steps above like heat massage, therapy and herbal remedy but still the pain is unbearable then take an over-the-counter medicine. You can buy pain relief medicine like ibuprofen, naproxen and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs over-the-counter. This is the best way to help relieve the pain faster.


Being familiar with these first aid remedies at home may help you the next time you suffer the pain due to menstrual problems. But if you observe that it is beyond your normal pain then it is better to seek the help of doctors.

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