What Are Some Problems A dc weed Can Alleviate?

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Most studies that highlight how bad marijuana use only focus on the harms. This approach has many problems because they are observational at best and speculative at worst. The substance has already taken that THC, a component of weed, is responsible for the feeling of “highness” when a person smokes weed. However, modern-day manufacturing of weed for health causes extracts THC, leaving cannabidiol (CBD), the compound that brings a myriad of benefits to the user.


The most used marijuana is associated with it because of health reasons. Researchers and medical professionals have already approved them, but many doctors in commonplace hospitals are still scared to use or prescribe them because of the stigma. In this article, let us take a look at the marginal benefits that dc weed use gives to the consumers.


  • Reduces neuropathic pain

Neuropathic problems are issues deeply connected to the nervous system. The pain it causes is usually unbearable, so people take medicine to alleviate the pain. But long-term use of medications because you feel like you have no alternative can cause problems in the liver. Many people who have HIV and AIDS, connected to constant experiencing neuropathic pain, report having better sleep and less pain frequency when they take in weed.


  • Reduces the impacts of Alzheimer’s

In terms of gaining weight and fighting off the agitation most Alzheimer’s patients face, marijuana prescribed to them has helped them acquire these things. The logical reason behind the effects has to do with the protein deposits in the brain, which weed eccentrically gives in the process. So, as Alzheimer’s slows down protein deposit, weed helps patients achieve it.


  • Reduces the impacts of arthritis

If you feel like you are aging too quickly and might experience arthritis, or maybe you are already in that stage, then you get no harm but only benefits when you use marijuana. People who got prescriptions to use marijuana and actually did reported to have less pain from the arthritis problem they have, and thus, were able to regain their bodies’ nutrients because they also slept well. The only reason here actually is just that marijuana helps reduce inflammation by fighting pain-causing properties of health diseases.


  • Reduces asthma

It might seem like an oxymoron, but this is actually true. Many studies have suggested that marijuana use can help reduce asthma. The mechanism here has to do with marijuana dilating human airways, where people would usually feel like they have a tight feeling in their throats and chests.


  • Reduces chronic pain

Studies done on humans and animals show how cannabinoids have an analgesic effect to the body. In fact, people used cannabis to reduce inflammation and relieve themselves of the pain-inducing health problems they had. Studies also show how marijuana use reduces pain from cancer and chemotherapy which comes post-cancer treatment. Marijuana use then can be of great help in the medical field if only more people were welcoming it, especially in the medical field. As stated, these are the things marijuana does for people.

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