English as a Second Language in Current Era

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English is a dominant language all over the world. It is widely used and people are learning this for different purposes that benefit them. There are already 1.5 billion people using this language, it includes native speakers and other people who learn English in different ways. There is a variety of platforms available offline or online to learn this language. It is used for different purposes such as personal, education, business, medicine, or even science and technology. English also has a massive impact on employment and job opportunities.


Here are the current benefits when you learn English as Second Language:


Employment opportunities – commonly resume or curriculum vitae are made using the English language so that employers can understand it and it will have a big effect on their perception of you. Job interviews are also conducted using the English language and that’s how they based their impression, how you speak and express yourself reflects your confidence and it inclines the possibility of you acing the interview and getting the job.


Explore the world- Estimated, 67 countries have native speakers and it is proven that the world is dominated by English speakers. People like traveling. English skill is also essential when traveling especially if it’s in different countries. You will not get lost because you’re able to read directions carefully. You can respect other cultures for you understand how they communicate. You can ask questions effortlessly if you communicate with them using the English language.


Opportunities for education- Scholarships from other countries require a good score in English exams especially Universities that are high-end and located in an English country. If you aspire to be one of the international students then you should enhance your English skills.


Enhance Cognitive Abilities – the more you use your brain, the more it becomes active and creates more pathways for new information, and increases memory capacity. So when you keep using your brain when learning English as a second language (ESL) it prevents you from having memory deficits and mental illnesses.


Migrate to English-speaking countries- some people decided and plan to move to another country, they must learn English so that they can easily communicate with other people especially their neighbors and they can adjust easily.


Improve Communication Skills- if you keep trying to learn and be better in the English language then it will help you become confident in expressing yourself not just verbally but also written. If you’re good at this language then you will not be ashamed of communicating especially with native English speakers.


Relate to Trends- entertainment and culture have also evolved in this era, music, movies and even books are becoming more advanced and English is the common and general language they used. Having enough knowledge of English as second language (ESL) helps you understand everything and feel it more. You can easily relate to current trends.


Build-up Confidence- If you have good comprehension and English skills then communication in any form will not be a problem to you so that will help build your self-esteem.

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