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GTA 5 stands for Grand theft Auto 5, also know as GTA V. It is an adventure and action game. Released on September 17th, 2013, GTA 5 has become the second best selling game in the world. It is the 5th version of the famous video game series Grand theft auto. It GTA 5 modded accounts ps4 is designed and produced by Leslie Benzies and Imran Sarwar. It made history as the fastest-selling video game ever. There are many for a crazy gaming experience. The lead storyline of Grand Theft Auto 5 is about 50 hours long. It is a single-player and multiplayer game.

Platforms GTA 5 are available at:-

  • X Box 360
  • X Box One
  • Play station 3
  • Play station 4
  • Play station 5
  • Microsoft Windows
  • X Box series X/S

Grand Theft Auto Storyline summary.

The setting of GTA V is in the fictional city of Los Santo. The main characters are Michael Townley, Franklin Clinton and Trevor Philips. Michael is an ex-bank looter. Trevor is an aggressive guy. Franklin is a former desperado. Michael Townley had attempted a robbery in the fictional town of Ludendorff in North Yankton about nine years ago. But the robbery has failed. Now, after nine years of the robbery, Michael Townley the bank looter is living with a new identity. In the fictional town of Los Santo, Michael is living a tasteless and mundane life. As time passed, he met Franklin Clinton, a gangster. Franklin aspired to enter the dark hole of the underworld. He happens to run into Trevor Philips. Trevor Philips was the only one who survived the bank loot in Ludendorff.

The three decide to join hands to carry out loot in the Union Depository. They aimed to rob $200,000,000 worth of gold, jewels and money which would make their life.

However, carrying out such a loot wasn’t easy. They face corruption and misuse from the FBI officials. The FBI agents used them for their good but the trio did not give in to the never-ending challenges. They put their lives at stake. They shed blood, tears and sweat and they made many enemies. In the glamorous city of Los Santos, can the three notorious criminals trust each other and carry out the greatest loot of all time?

Grand theft auto V developers:-

  • Rockstar games
  • Rockstar San Diego
  • Rockstar New England
  • Rockstar Leeds
  • Rockstar London
  • Rockstar Toronto
  • Rockstar North
  • Rockstar North Limited

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Bottom line.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is an incredible instalment of the Grand theft auto series. The enhanced features and exciting gameplay of Grand Theft Auto 5 is attracting a huge player base. It is famous for being the greatest game of the decade. With a lucrative storyline and thrilling challenges, Grand Theft Auto 5 is a must-try!

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