What to Expect and How to Prepare: security metal detectors

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We all worry about our safety when we go out into the world, but have you ever considered that metal detectors might be at work? Metal detectors are typically in place to detect weapons or other dangerous materials. These machines are not infallible, though. Sometimes they can show false positives – so don’t panic if your phone sets off one of these alarms. It’s not the end of the world!


What Is A Metal Detector?


A metal detector is a device that detects the presence of metal. The machine will emit an alarm when something metallic is detected in the body’s path.


Most security metal detectors are used for many purposes, including airport security, border control, and crowd security. They are also used to detect if someone has weapons on their person.


How Do They Work?


Metal detectors are devices that detect the metal content of objects. They work by measuring the electrical resistance of a person or object. If an object has a higher resistance than what is normally found in the human body, it will trigger a detector.


The metal detector is not infallible though. False positives can happen. If you get a false positive, don’t panic! You might have to take off your shoes or remove your belt so they can check for any metals that may be on there.


Prepare For Your Screening


The first thing you need to do is prepare for your screening. You should know that if you set off a metal detector, you’ll be asked to go through additional security measures, like a pat-down or a walk-through metal detector.


You might want to leave any electronics at home on the day of your screening. These items may not pass through security and will need to be scanned separately. If you’re driving, make sure to check with your airline or train company about their policies on bringing electronic items on board before heading out the door.


When it’s time for your screening, make sure you’re prepared and follow all of the instructions provided by the TSA agent and the machine operator.


What Can I Bring Into The Area?


Your cell phone, keys, and wallet are all allowed into the area. You can also bring a small bag, but it needs to be a small one – no backpacks allowed!


False positives


If you get a false positive, the security metal detectors are picking up on something that’s not dangerous. For instance, if you had a tool belt with some metal-lined tools in it, the detector may pick up on those and think it’s something more dangerous.


If you are unsure if you have any metal on your person, it will be best to place it in the bin yourself so that you can avoid having to pass through the metal detector again if it picks up the object.


But don’t worry too much! Just calmly explain to the security guards what triggered the alarm and they will let you go through. They might ask for your ID or other personal information, so be prepared to provide them with this.

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