Top 5 Weed Strains for Euphoria

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One of the primary reasons why people buy weed is because of the feelings of euphoria it generates. Typically, the strains include a range of elements, including ones that make you feel high, feel good and feel energetic at the moment. Most of the weed strains for euphoria and energy are typically the Sativa-dominant or pure Sativa strains that are going to leave you with a full-body high throughout the day.


This article discusses some of those top weed strains that you can smoke for euphoria and uplifting your mood.


  1. Sour Diesel


With around 17-26% THC levels and less than 1% CBD levels, Sour Diesel is hands down one of the best weed strains for euphoria. However, this versatile strain performs equally well in lifting your moods, indulging in creativity and enhancing your focus at the moment as well. If you are struggling with depression and want a better outlook on life or in the moment, this is a strain that you wouldn’t recommend indulging in at all.


  1. Chocolope


We can’t miss out on Chocolope when talking about strains for euphoria. This is a strain that is as sweet as its name. The flavor profile is very subtle but has high THC levels, which is ideal for inducing feelings of euphoria and belonging at the moment. The strain does induce an immediate high since it is a Sativa dominant strain, so make sure you are smoking it somewhere safe. The strain is also perfect for individuals who want to calm down and relax.


  1. Durban poison


Don’t get deterred by the name of this strain. Durban poison is another popular Sativa-dominant strain that can get your creative juices free-flowing and improves your focus at the moment. If you want to let go of the feelings of stress and anxiety and have a mood uplifting feeling at the moment, this is a strain that you won’t regret splurging out on. The strain has energizing properties too.


  1. Strawberry cough


The strawberry cough is hands down one of the best strains in the market if you want to experience feelings of euphoria and happiness. This is a Sativa-dominant strain like most of the others are. However, keep in mind that you will have to be careful while smoking this strain, especially because of the high THC levels.


  1. Super lemon haze


A cross between a super skunk and lemon haze, this one is another popular and high-quality Sativa strain that induces feelings of happiness at the moment. From euphoria to mood-lifting benefits, you get to experience a lot more than you’d generally anticipate with this strain. The THC levels are quite high in this one as well.


If you are particularly looking for weed strains that will leave you with feelings of euphoria and happiness, these are some of the best strains that you can consider indulging in. All of them have high THC levels, which mean that you will be hit with the full-body high pretty immediately after smoking. So, smoke them with caution and safety.

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