How to Use coviself at Home-

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It has been approved by Medical Research Indian Council also known as ICMR, which is the nation’s apex health research agency, for use in a home-based rapid diagnostic testing (RAT) kit for the co-infection virus Covid-19 coviself. Symptomatic persons and immediate contacts of laboratory-confirmed positive cases, according to the instructions, should use the kit. It will produce results in fifteen minutes or under.


A statement from the company claimed that its kit had been verified and authorized and is meant for only a nasal swab for this quick antigen testing and that the method should be followed exactly as indicated in the user manual.


Use at home in the following ways:


Each coviself kit will contain all of the necessary testing materials, there will be a biohazard bag and one test card included with the kit, as well as an extraction tube that has already been pre-filled with the appropriate sample.


The test is meant to be performed with a nose swab rather than a deep nasopharyngeal swab in order to minimize discomfort, the sterile swab kit must be lodged into both nostrils 2-4 centimeters until resistance is met and rubbed about 5 times to ensure that an adequate sample is collected.


A second time, the swab should be plunged into the pre-filled extracting tube, and 2 full drops of the solution should be introduced to the specimen well of the testing instrument.

To participate in the test, the individual who will be performing it must first install the Mylabcoviself application to their smartphone.


Using the app, patients will be able to see if their test is positive or negative, and if so, what the results mean, the test card is divided into two sections: the control part and the test section.


It’s a negative outcome if the bar only appears in section C if a line appears on both the control section and test T section, the result is positive and the time it takes to get a favorable result is between 5 and 7 minutes while a negative outcome will take no more than 15 minutes.



Individuals taking the test will be required to photograph the test strip after finishing the test procedure using the same mobile phone used to download the mobile phone app and register.


Individuals who tested positive may be regarded as true positives, according to the International Commission on Medical Research (ICMR), and no further testing is required. Even though RAT testing is negative, all patients with flu-like symptoms are considered suspects of Covid-19 infection and instructed to remain at home until RTPCR results are available. The organization has also expressed concern over the use of indiscriminate testing.


Home RAT testing is only for sick people and close contacts of lab-confirmed Results


  • Home testing should follow the manufacturer’s instructions in the user guide
  • The home testing smartphone app is free to download from android and IOS users
  • The smartphone app provides the patient with a favorable or unfavorable test result
  • The Indian council of medical research COVID-19 testing site, where all data is eventually saved, is connected to a secure server where data from your phone’s app is centrally gathered
  • The patient’s privacy will be protected
  • True positives are those that test positive only once and do not need to be tested again
  • The ICMR, MOH et Family Welfare recommends home isolation and therapy for all test positives

Patients who show no signs or symptoms of COVID-19 should be isolated from the rest of the population until the RTPCR test results come back, according to the ICMR/MOHFW protocols

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