Assisting In selling a house with a mine shaft

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The United Kingdom has a long and lucrative mining history, which has resulted in a large number of ancient mine (and abandoned) shafts near homes. At worst, they have the potential to produce subsidence or sinkholes. Insurance and mortgage coverage, as well as purchasing and selling damaged houses, may all be a headache.


selling a house with a mine shaft and buying a property near might be difficult, but there are a few simple actions you can do to make the process easier. There is some wonderful advice from the government on what you can do, the first of which is to check with the coal authority and their mining reports.


Many mines were ‘capped’ in the past, and this will look like some wood: usually train sleeper. Unfortunately, when wood degrades, all topsoil falls into the mine at a point of collapse, potentially causing a sinkhole. Concrete is used to cover modern entrances, which helps people fall in, among other reasons.


A mineshaft does not imply that there is a problem, and you will most likely not detect it. If you see cracks, ground shaking, or structural damage, however, you should get it inspected as soon as possible. The coal authority will cover a big problem with a mineshaft on the property, but you will need to file a claim for subsidence damage.



Mortgages And Mine Shafts


Despite the fact that most mineshafts do not pose a threat to the security of surrounding properties, they may pose a risk to their stability in the future. As a result, mortgage lenders are leery of providing money on a home that may depreciate over time. And, with hundreds of ancient, abandoned mineshafts scattered around, determining if the property you wish to buy is damaged isn’t always easy.


Many coal mineshafts are located on a map kept by the Coal Authority. Buying a home near an old coal mine in England, Scotland, or Wales will come with a guarantee from the Coal Authority, which has a responsibility to reimburse the expenses of any damage caused to a home by its proximity to a mineshaft.


There are many more forms of mineshafts that are undocumented, thus the mortgage lender will most likely request additional studies and examinations of the property before approving your mortgage application. Talk to an expert advisor if you need assistance having the necessary evaluations and checks in place before applying for a mortgage, or if you want to know which lenders are willing to lend to you.


This influence is felt hundreds of years after the mines were operational in certain situations. So, if you’re thinking about buying a home in an at-risk location, one of the first things you should do is conduct a mining search. A mining search, while not legally needed, will provide you peace of mind that your property is not in jeopardy and can help you obtain your mortgage.


It’s recommended to consult with a broker if you’re thinking about buying or selling a house with a mine shaft and want to know which lenders would be ready to lend you money. According to Online Mortgage Advisor, you can obtain your documentation and property reviews so that you may acquire the mortgage of your choosing.

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