Forest plants: what are they, types and names

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While it is said that the cactus is scientifically capable of absorbing radiation which makes it ideal for placement beside computer screens in the office, forest plants list says other wise.

In fact the presence of the plant in the office would result in competition, arrival of nemesis, and being victimized in back-stabbing.

As such, one would run into various obstacles preventing him or her from getting ahead in the career ladder.

If you must display cacti in the office, it should only take up the left side according to the space orientation. And only in open areas with ventilation.

For example, left side of desk, left side of balcony facing out, left side of door, etc.

Failing which can result in being on the wrong side of office gossip and politics.

As mentioned earlier, the cactus is generally bad for feng shui.

This is because the good things that it can do for energy in a space can replicated by other feng shui items that don’t emit sha chi.

So why keep them in the first place?

When place in the house, especially the living room and bedroom, it can lead to arguments between family members.

I want to say it again. The cactus plant is not recommended for home interiors.

Granted, that there are feng shui advantages to it as well, the disadvantages that are associated with the plant is not worth the trouble.

But my job is to inform. You have the make the decision yourself as it’s your own home.

For example, some people create negative culture in the office. But they do a good job in sales. So the boss feels that the employee’s drawbacks are worth the trouble.


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