Why new homebuyers prefer mortgage brokers to mortgage lenders

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One question most new homebuyers try to find answers to is whether to use a mortgage broker or a lender when buying a home. The best way to determine whether you need Mortgage Broker Adelaide or a lender is to educate yourself on the differences between the two. Basically, mortgage brokers are people who work with different lenders to find loans that fit the needs of their clients (homebuyers). Lenders, on the other hand, work for financial institutions that offer mortgage loans that are specific to that mortgage company, credit union or bank.

The reason why a person would prefer mortgage broker to a lender is mainly that brokers work as intermediaries for homebuyers. They work by gathering homebuyers’ financial information and use this information to shop around and compare mortgage rates from different lenders. Mortgage brokers will then determine the lenders who are most likely to approve a homebuyer’s loan at the best mortgage terms based on the financial situation of the buyer. The major difference between working with a mortgage broker and a lender is that a mortgage broker can help in slowing down the loan application process. Mortgage brokers can achieve this because they shop around for the best loan terms.

There are times when homebuyers are certain that they cannot qualify for a mortgage loan based on specific challenges, including low credit scores and limited job security or history. In this case, a mortgage broker will help the homebuyer pair with the right mortgage lender to approve a loan at the best mortgage rates. New homebuyers may prefer using lenders because they have specific loan programs that they can use. The problem, however, those loan programs do not offer a variety of mortgage loans compared to what mortgage brokers can provide. It is however recommended that one should do more research and determine whether it is best to use a mortgage broker or lender when buying a home.


A good mortgage broker is one who works for you even if you have challenges in qualifying for a loan based on your financial situation or low credit score. If your income comes from self-employment, if you have a high debt to income ratio, a good mortgage broker will take this into account and help you find multiple lenders who are willing to finance or approve your loan application. Lenders have different thresholds and lending programs for what they consider a risky loan. This is why you need a good mortgage broker who understands how different lenders work in this business.


Most new homebuyers prefer going directly to lenders to fund and service a mortgage. It is fine to go directly to a lender. However, using a mortgage broker is a good option because the broker will search for the best mortgage loan from various lenders. When looking for a mortgage broker, it is important to shop around for the best. Understand that you are financing the purchase of your home and if a broker is involved, you need to ensure that the process is smooth and less painful. A good broker will help you compare loan terms from different lenders and will also enable you find a lender who offers the best interest rates or fees paid to close the mortgage loan.


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