A Guide To Leather Gifts For Him: Perfect Gifts For Him Every Month

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Beyond the occasional leather jacket or pair of boots, most guys aren’t really into the whole leather thing. But that doesn’t mean you can’t introduce him to its benefits. And what better way than through leather gifts? If your guy is anything like other men, he always has a list of things he needs and wants (and probably doesn’t have).


Luckily, there are plenty of great gifts for men you can get each month. These gift ideas will keep him excited about his wardrobe, whether he gets excited about new clothes or not.


A Brief Introduction To Leather


Leather is the skin of various animals, specifically the kangaroo, crocodile, and deer. Today, it’s most commonly used to make handbags, wallets, and shoes. The main advantage of leather over other materials is durability.


It’s meant to withstand months and years of use and even heavy damage like scratches and scuffs. This is why it’s commonly used in furniture and high-end bags.


Due to the durability and versatility of leather, it’s also great for casual wear.


Pair a leather jacket with some jeans and sneakers, and you’ve got a comfortable outfit that won’t look sloppy.


What To Look For In A Leather Gift


  • What kind of leather is it? What’s the color of the leather? Are the edges finished?
  • Is the leather gift durable or is it meant for look-alike accessories?
  • How much does the leather gift cost?
  • Is the leather gift a good fit for the receiver?


Ways To Give A Leather Gift


Handmade leather gift: If the gift is made with real leather, it’s one of the best ways to give a leather gift. Handmade items are almost always guaranteed to look better over time because the leather ages naturally.


Personalized leather gift: Customize the gift by engraving the recipient’s name, initials, or a special message. Make sure the engraving style is legible, or the gift could come out blurry.


Leather gift box: A box is a good way to protect a leather gift. This is especially important since leather can get damaged if it gets sweaty or dirty.


Leather cuff bracelet: The leather cuff bracelet is a classic leather gift. It’s a quick and easy gift for a man who spends a lot of time on his phone.


Leather wallet: A leather wallet is one of the classic leather gifts for him. It’s a must-have for an everyday carry guy, and manly enough to be worn with khakis.


Leather cufflinks: cufflinks are a traditional gift that looks great on a man’s dress shirt. They’re also a great way to wear a leather gift without ruining the garment.


Wrapping And Packaging Help Too!


The holidays are hectic. You’ve got family coming over, last-minute shopping on the agenda, and a million things to do. You don’t have time to wrap a leather gift, or even find a leather gift. Luckily, there are plenty of gift-wrapping options that don’t require you to use real leather.


For example, you can wrap a leather gift in a ton of paper, or even in a box. It’s the same gift, but it looks much less fancy.


Wrapping and packaging aren’t just for looks—they’re a way to protect the leather gift. This is especially important for leather gifts. Since leather is meant to withstand damage, you don’t want to put it in bags that are too soft, like a plastic bag.


You also don’t want to expose it to too much moisture, like rain.

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