The Portable Toilet Guide: Everything You Need To Know

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When you have visitors, attend an outdoor event, or go camping, you may need to rent a portable toilet to avoid problems. Portable toilets are not limited to trailers and cabins. They are common in construction sites, food services establishments (like restaurants and cafeterias), public events, or any other places where standard restrooms might not be available or suitable for use.



Types Of Portable Toilets


When it comes to the portable toilet, there are two main types. They are the service truck toilet and the on-site portable toilet. Let’s take a look at the differences.


Service truck toilet: These are large, indoor toilets that are installed in a truck. They are used for special events or for those with many workers at a construction site. They are only moved when necessary, such as when the tank is filled or when the cleaning crew has to empty the tank.


On-site portable toilet: Often used at outdoor events or when there is heavy construction, these toilets are smaller and more mobile than a service truck toilet. They can be moved and emptied as needed to avoid problems. Most importantly, they are more cost-efficient than a service truck toilet.



Tips When Renting A Portable Toilet


Location: Make sure you choose an area that has enough space for a portable toilet. You don’t want to have the toilet take up a lot of room near guests or workers.


Cleanliness: Ensure the portable toilet is thoroughly cleaned before using it. This will help you avoid diseases.


Odor: Keep the smell of the portable toilet down. This will make things more comfortable for you.


Waste Disposal: Find out how the rental company plans to dispose of the waste. Some use disposable bags, others use a pail system. This will help you know how to dispose of the waste correctly.


Toilet Paper: Some rental companies provide toilet paper, while others don’t. If you have to provide your own, make sure to get thick, industrial-grade toilet paper.


Privacy: Portable toilets might not have any walls, so the people next to you can see you. Make sure to choose a place where you have full privacy.



The Benefits Of Renting A Portable Toilet


Renting a portable toilet can be a great addition to any event. This is especially true for large events where there may not be enough restrooms or not the right type of restroom for certain people.


You don’t have to worry about finding a bathroom: Portable toilets are common at large events, so you probably won’t have to walk around looking for a bathroom.


You don’t have to wait in line: Because there are so many portable toilets, you will likely never have to wait in line to use the bathroom. This can be a lifesaver on long nights when people are out at bars or clubs.


You don’t have to worry about finding a gender-neutral bathroom: Gender-neutral bathrooms are a growing trend, but they are not found in every building. Portable toilets are gender-neutral, so you can use them even if your building doesn’t have a gender-neutral bathroom.


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