Mytiki, A Comforter That’s All-Rolled-Into One

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It can be hard to get children to stay in their beds and go to sleep, especially if they’ve just woken up from a nap. The solution could be as simple as MyTiki: an all-in-one comforter and pillow that turns your child’s bedtime into a fun experience.


Turn Bedtime To A Fun Experience


Turn your child’s bedtime into a fun experience with MyTiki, the all-in-one comforter, and pillow. MyTiki is an all-in-one comforter and pillow, designed to make bedtime fun. It allows you to make every night a memorable one. Your children will never want to leave their beds once they experience the joy of sleep with a comforter.


With this unique product, you can give your child something he or she has never known before A night filled with dreams of adventure and excitement!


A One-Stop Shop For Sleep


Mytiki is a one-stop shop for sleep. It’s a comforter, pillow, and blanket all rolled into one! With Mytiki, you can get your family excited to go to bed because they’ll have fun with this cozy snuggly all day long.


The soft and flexible design allows parents to fold mytiki in half and place it on top of their child’s mattress for more comfort during naptime or bedtime. And when it’s time for bedtime, parents can unfold the comforter into a plush blanket that fits perfectly over their child’s sheets–no need for multiple blankets anymore! The blanket also makes a great pillow if your little one likes sleeping on something fluffy under his/her head at night (or wants extra support while sitting up).


Bedtime Is Difficult For Children


Children want a lot of things, but they don’t necessarily want to be in their beds. Bedtime is a time for children to relax and unwind, so they need their own space that can offer them both comfort and privacy. Children also like the feeling of control over their environment—and what better way to give them that sense than with a comfortable blanket?


For kids, bedtime is all about fun. The right comforter can help your child have fun even when he or she’s supposed to be asleep! Mytiki will provide entertainment as well as comfort; just look at all the different designs and styles available!


A Fun Bedtime Routine For Children


The comforter, which is made of 100 percent cotton and filled with hypoallergenic polyester, is an easy way to get your child to sleep. The soft material won’t irritate their skin, so you don’t have to worry about them tossing and turning all night long. It’s also great for indoor or outdoor use—just make sure that you keep it away from any open flames! Plus, it’s machine washable for when accidents happen, so there’s no need for any special laundry instructions here!


The comforter comes in three different sizes: small (6 inches thick), medium (8 inches thick), and large (10 inches thick). You can choose between four different colors—blue stripes on white background; pink hearts on white background; green dots on white background; and blue stars on white background.



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